Friday, July 10, 2009


Teddy Rist, a wealthy playboy, experiences a life-altering event and becomes an unconventional vigilante.

WiseVid The Philanthropist S01E01

Zshare The Philanthropist S01E01


After his company is accused of having ties to forced labor in Myanmar, Teddy heads there seeking advice from an esteemed local leader. While there, Teddy meets a young girl in need of a kidney transplant. He discovers her father is a matching donor, but is being held in a forced labor camp.

WiseVid The Philanthropist S01E02

Zshare The Philanthropist S01E02


Teddy, Phillip and Olivia fly to Paris for business reasons, when Olivia meets up with an old friend who is entangled in a sex-trafficking ring. Teddy uncovers the a widespread operation, and proceeds to free the captive women.

WiseVid The Philanthropist S01E03

Zshare The Philanthropist S01E03

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