Friday, October 31, 2008

Teenager Jimmy Donovan struggles to survive in a household with a drug-addicted mother and a six-year-old sister, Angie, by selling marijuana in a diverse, suburban neighborhood. After his mother is hospitalized, Jimmy makes the difficult decision to begin pushing heroin in order to make the tuition payments for Angie, which will keep her in a safer, private school. This new business venture sparks some problems and sends Jimmy and his friends into a spiral of bad events. His struggle to stay afloat is filled with numerous problems, all of which surround his world in what he calls “kryptonite.”


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A man’s life begins to unravel when his mistress brings him a bag of cash.


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Barbie in A Christmas Carol is a heart-warming adaptation of the classic Dickens story filled with cherished Christmas carols, fabulous fashions and lots of laughs! The tale stars Barbie™ as Eden Starling™ the glamorous singing diva of a theatre in Victorian London. Along with her snooty cat, Chuzzlewit, Eden selfishly plans to make all the theatre performers stay and rehearse on Christmas Day! Not even Eden’s costume designer and childhood friend Catherine can talk Eden out of her self-centered tantrum. It’s up to three very unusual Christmas Spirits to take Eden on a fantastical holiday journey that will open her heart to the spirit of the season and the joy of giving. Barbie in A Christmas Carol is a family favorite to enjoy every holiday season!


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A suburban housewife is forced to fend for herself when she becomes stranded in a desolate forest with four murderous thugs. What starts off as a quick trip to the mall ends in the woods with a fight for her life. All she has is a toolbox and her will to survive.


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Thursday, October 30, 2008


Having found her dream dress Kath plans on having a lavish wedding, but her financial woes may limit her vision for the big day. Elsewhere, Kim thinks about going back with Craig after discovering that big money can be made in breeding his dog.

Kath and Kim US S01E04

Ugly Berry

The newest citizen Ignacio is ready to vote for the first time. Kimmie’s true colors show as she competes against Betty. Meanwhile, with a large crowd passing through for the voting, Hilda uses the time to promote her shop and Wilhelmina prepares to hire a new financial officer whom Daniel hates.

Ugly Betty S03E06


When Jimmy gets a photo of a superspeeding Clark rescuing Lois, Tess wants to publish the photo in the Daily Planet. Clark asks Chloe to use her influence with Jimmy to help destroy the photo, but she refuses.

Smallville S08E07

Let it Bleed

A murdered young woman who was tossed from a nightclub is found to have several blood types in her system during the CSI’s investigation, and she is the daughter of a wanted drug lord by the FBI. The case becomes personal for Catherine when she discovers Lindsey was at the same nightclub with a fake ID.

CSI S09E04

Employee Transfer

Incorrectly assuming that Halloween at corporate is like Halloween in Scranton, Pam wears a costume to work. Michael and Holly take a trip together to New Hampshire after learning some big news from the corporate office. Back in Scranton, Dwight finds ways to annoy Andy.

The Office S05E05


Worried that Liz’s hectic lifestyle may be too much to adopt a child, Bev, the adoption agent, visits the set. Panicked, Liz tells everyone to act normal, but chaos soon ensues as a fight arises between Jenna and Tracy. Meanwhile, Jack returns to 30 Rock and vows to do whatever it takes to get his position back from Devin.

30 Rock S03E01

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

With Halloween quickly approaching, Sam and Dean must find a witch who is making human sacrifices in order to summon a demon. Meanwhile, Castiel returns with Uriel, an angel wanting to smite the entire town.

Supernatural S04E07

Life During Wartime

The Chief gives Bailey new responsibility in order to help her to be one of the best surgeons at Seattle Grace. Meanwhile, Owen Hunt, the new head of trauma, clashes with the current staff’s methods and abilities.

Greys Anatomy S05E06


Gates feels neglected as Sam spends all of her time studying for her upcoming pharmacology exam. Meanwhile, a stab wound victim comes into the ER following a vicious school fight and Brenner takes it upon himself to find out what really happened. Later, Morris surprises Neela and Gates finds himself locked in a stairwell with a young boy on Halloween.

ER S15E05

Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadows?

Sam gets pulled back into his childhood after he must deal with gangster Nick Profaci’s assault on a young woman, who turns out to be his mother in 1973. As Sam tries to save her, he learns about two unsolved murders linked to Profaci and his boss, Elliot Casso.

Life on Mars US S01E04


An especially tough case where severely autistic children begin disappearing across the country, only to have them reappear the next month with symptoms of savant syndrome has Dr. Jacob Hood baffled.

Eleventh Hour S01E04

Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack

After Dee suffers a heart attack, she and Dennis try to live a healthier lifestyle. Meanwhile, Charlie and Mac take corporate jobs to get health insurance.

Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia S04E010

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“Beer for My Horses” tells the story of two best friends that work together as deputies in a small town. The two defy the Sheriff and head off on an outrageous road trip to save the protagonist’s girlfriend from drug lord kidnappers


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The Pevensie siblings return to Narnia, where they are enlisted to once again help ward off an evil king and restore the rightful heir to the land's throne, Prince Caspian.


The Chronicles Of Narnia Prince Caspian (2008)CD 1

The Chronicles Of Narnia Prince Caspian (2008)CD 2

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The Planet Express crew get trapped in a fantasy world.


Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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As the Clone Wars sweep through the galaxy, the heroic Jedi Knights struggle to maintain order and restore peace. More and more systems are falling prey to the forces of the dark side as the Galactic Republic slips further and further under the sway of the Separatists and their never-ending droid army.


Password: areg

Star Wars The Clone Wars (2008)

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Tie Me Up, Don’t Tie Me Down

Jealousy ensues when Barb and Christine go out for a casual, non-relationship double date, in which one date works out better than the other.

The New Adventures of Old Christine S04E07

Dim Sum Lose Some

A Chinese restaurant owner, Mr. Bao Di, is killed in a seeming accident. His wife hires Emerson to investigate what she believes was murder, and the team discovers that Bao owed gambling debts and used his daughter’s hand in marriage as collateral.

Pushing Daisies S02E05

Past Tense

Sam and Naomi are put against one another during an office election for the leader of the practice. Meanwhile, Addison treats an Afghan girl who is trying to hide her past and Cooper’s personal life spills over into his professional life.

Private Practice S02E04

Pandemic 2: The Startling (2)

This week, the boys are lost in the Andes Mountains where they discover the startling secret behind the attack of the giant guinea pigs. The boys now have the power to rescue their town and the rest of the world from the onslaught but the Head of Homeland Security stands firmly in their way. Meanwhile, Randy bravely documents the destruction while trying to save his family.

South Park S12E11

The Cost of Living

An investigation is made when an archeologist is found dead after making a discovery about one of the cities oldest murder mysteries. While investigating the CSI’s discovery something shocking, anything and anybody can be bought on the internet.


Chapter Twelve: Scary, Scary Night!

Victory dreams that Joe breaks his neck during a blizzard. Worried about the meaning of the dream, she calls Joe only to find out he’s preparing to climb the Matterhorn. Nico makes expensive plans for Christmas with Kirby, but he insists on paying his own way. Meanwhile, Wendy worries that she is becoming a needy housewife.

Lipstick Jungle S02E05

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Carl becomes so obsessed with his fear of a terrorist nuclear attack on Los Angeles that he destroys his marriage.


Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Murder 2.0

Gibbs and his team are search for a cyber serial killer who takes videos from his victims. The team quickly finds out that the video’s of the dead victims are false.

Director Vance shakes hand of a young female NCIS special agent, who has just received a citation.


There’s No Place Like Homecoming

As Annie prepares for her driver’s test, she and Ethan make plans to go to the Homecoming dance without it being a date. Adrianna confesses the truth about her drug use, which clears Naomi’s name and forces her to attend rehab. At the dance, Ryan sees Kimberly buying drugs from a student; Debbie confronts Tracy about her behavior toward Harry; and Silver and Dixon are able to go do the dance, despite her root canal.

90210 S01E08

Catching Out

A serial killer who jumps trains and targets people living near the railway is the subject of a BAU manhunt.

Criminal Minds S04E05

Ode to Joy

The Sutton family each deal in their own way with the aftermath of Johnny’s accident.

Lincoln Heights S03E07

All About the Haves and Have-Nots

Megan worries that Rose and Sage do not have enough extra-curricular activities to get into Duke, so she sets them up for a volunteer program at a charity. Meanwhile, Megan decides to reconnect with her estranged father.

Privileged S01E07


When a girl is found covered in blood and holding the weapon that killed her best friend, she is named as the lead suspect to the murder. However, she cannot remember what happened. But Jane believes in her innocence and tries a risky move in order to help her regain her memory.

The Mentalist S01E05

Hell Week

Casey struggles to make a decision between an internship and Max’s plans as Summer approaches, which has her so confused that she has a dream in which she is being counseled by Lauren Conrad. Elsewhere, Rusty is determined to make it through Hell Week by doing anything that is asked of the pledges.



A middle-aged man finds himself suffering from blackouts and sleepwalking, and is admitted to the hospital. As his condition deteriorates, his daughter needs to transplant a kidney. Meanwhile, Cuddy prepares to adopt a baby but the mother’s prior drug use damages the baby’s lungs, forcing Cuddy to choose between delivering the baby early and endangering the child, or waiting and putting the birth mother’s life at risk.

House S05E06


While Eli takes on a lead paint manufacturing case that may take him to the Supreme Court, Jordan is forced to defend his sanity in court. Meanwhile, Eli discovers his father’s diary and finds that it contains a disturbing revelation.

Eli Stone S02E03

Rise and Fall

The team must shift their attention from a case they are working on and hand it over to Martin, after a child is reported to have been kidnapped at a mall.

Without a Trace S07E05


A baby with AIDS has Benson and Stabler asking for assistance from Warner as they investigate the case. They are pointed in the direction of a homeopathic doctor who has an questionable ethical past and who had prescribed the baby ineffective vitamins.

Law and Order SVU S10E05

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Here are 3 Twilight TV Spots (there are more) with new scenes so far I have seen all of them on my TV,so watch out on your TV, and there is a sneek peek scene of Bella and Edward In the Cafeteria, and there's a behind the scenes with new footage.

TV Spot #1

TV Spot #2 (The Kiss Scene Is Hot)

TV Spot #3

Sneek Peek

Behind The Scenes

The sneek peek looks awesome. I doubted that Kristen and Rob will not have chemistry but they have awesome chemistry. November 21 cant come early. I have finished the layout which I think looks awesome its all dark and stuff, and am going to have a lot of animations of the trailer on the sidebar. The new layout will be up on friday.

Comments/Thoughts =)

P.S. Sorry for the lack of updates, just been busy with school, and the llayout and stuff so plz bare with moi.

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Click the image to open in full size.

Embarking on a journey to fulfill her dreams as a dancer, a young girl discovers a new style of dance that will prove to be the source of both conflict and self-discovery.


Make It Happen (2008)

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2x13 | Meditations In A Emergency
Sterling Cooper is in play and the office scrambles without Don and Betty learns some disconcerting news.

Supernova: Mad Men 2x13

1x08 | The Fourth Man in the Fire
Sookie braces herself for more tragedy. Tara thinks of a new approach with dealing with her anger by adopting a similar therapy to Lettie Mae. Amy charms a crowd showing a darker side to Jason after the V juice runs out. Bill persuades Sookie into helping Eric using her gifts to catch criminals.

Supernova: True Blood 1x08

3x06 | Dying of the Light
As Hiro and the others receive offers to Pinehearst Industries, Peter has a shocking meeting with its founder. Meanwhile, Claire and her mother join forces to save Meredith from Doyle, who has the ability to take mental and physical control of others; and Nathan takes Tracy to Suresh hoping for an explanation of her abilities.

Supernova: Heroes 3x06

2x08 | Pret-a-Poor-J
Jenny has a new young model friend, Agnes, who encourages Jenny to explore her wild side, and also to confront, Eleanor Waldorf, who is attempting to "borrow" Jenny's designs. Meanwhile Serena and Dan attend Rufus art opening as friends, but then Serena meets an artist, Aaron Rose, and the evening gets a little uncomfortable. Blair attempts to seduce Chuck, but he proves to be tougher than she ever imagined.

Viddler: Gossip Girl 2x08

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Monday, October 27, 2008

The mythical world starts a rebellion against humanity in order to rule the Earth, so Hellboy and his team must save the world from the rebellious creatures.


Download Hellboy 2 The Golden Army CD1

Download Hellboy 2 The Golden Army CD2

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Book of Love

Phoebe attempts to rekindle a romance between former bookstore owners who not only lost their passion for books but for each other. Meanwhile, Danny is warned by Ari that mysterious forces are working against their family.

Valentine S01E04

Mirror, Mirror

As flashbacks provide a glimpse into the past five years, Dave convinces Susan to throw Mrs. McCluskey a surprise 70th birthday party. Meanwhile, Jackson tries to take his relationship with Susan to the next level; Gaby worries that she is pregnant; Tom reveals he sold the pizzeria; and the mystery behind Bree and Katherine’s friendship is revealed.

Desperate Housewives S05E05

Shore Leave

Cold Case S06E05

First Class Jerk

Entourage S05E08

Turning Biminese

As Dexter struggles when Rita pushes to move in together before getting married, Miguel tells Dexter that a husband has murdered his two wives for a financial gain and gotten away with it. Dexter finds this to be the perfect candidate to get away and satisfy that dark urge which every man with relationship pressures go through. Dexter tracks the murderer to Bimini. While he is on the hunt, Rita disappears due to a medical emergency. Meanwhile, Debra works with Anton, her confidential informant to track down one of Freebo’s criminal confidants. But Oddly enough Rita finds herself attracted to Anton.

Dexter 3×05

More Coming

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