Friday, July 10, 2009


While coping with one-year anniversary of the death of her husband, Christina, the director of nursing at Richmond Trinity Hospital in Charlotte, N.C., does everything she can to stop David, a patient dying of cancer, from taking his own life. Later, Christina must deal with Ray Stein, a nurse who gets himself into trouble when he administers a doctor’s questionable treatment.

WiseVid Hawthorne S01E01

Zshare Hawthorne S01E01

Healing Time

A patient with a brain aneurysm slips into dementia and believes that Christina is his wife, and Christina slowly grows attached to him. Meanwhile, Kelly gets stuck with an ornery and demanding patient; and Bobbie thinks about starting a romance with a handsome paramedic.

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Zshare Hawthorne S01E02


A dying mother’s son receives a helping hand from Christina in helping him believe she is going to die. Meanwhile, a young and inexperienced Kelly is guided by Bobbie in a disturbing case of an infant who has swallowed rubbing alcohol. And Ray has arranged some free time with Candy, but he is pulled in by a demanding patient.

WiseVid Hawthorne S01E03

Zshare Hawthorne S01E03

All the Wrong Places

A car accident leaves Christina in a race to save a woman and her child. But a bizarre turn of events finds the victims suffering from paralysis which seems unrelated to the accident. Meanwhile, a cancer patient seems to be getting better; Kelly becomes lost within the labyrinth of the hospital, and Camille pushes her way into attending a class trip.

WiseVid Hawthorne S01E04

Zshare Hawthorne S01E04

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