Friday, July 10, 2009

Hawaiian Vacation

The season 6 opener finds the family heading to Hawaii for a vacation, but Rev forgot to tell Uncle Russell that Jojo won’t be in for work. Meanwhile, Angela and Vanessa try to find their cousin Jessica a man.

WiseVid Runs House S06E01

Zshare Runs House S06E01

Run’s Big House

JoJo gets support from his family after getting arrested on a marijuana possession charge.

WiseVid Runs House S06E02

Zshare Runs House S06E02

The Secret of My Excess

Rev attempts to teach the boys a lesson about wastefulness by going on a cleaning rampage. Meanwhile, Russy trains for his karate blue belt.

WiseVid Runs House S06E03

Zshare Runs House S06E03

Blog Wild

While missing Vanessa and Angela, Rev plays a trick on them to allow him to come home and spend some time with them. Meanwhile, JoJo lends Diggy a hand with his blog.

WiseVid Runs House S06E04

Zshare Runs House S06E04

Tapper’s Delight

Russy takes up tap dancing; Rev needs to baby proof the home; and Diggy wants to have a refrigerator inside his bedroom.

WiseVid Runs House S06E05

Zshare Runs House S06E05

An Office He Can’t Refuse

Rev is given an office job; and Diggy’s causing problems with his cleaning obsession.

WiseVid Runs House S06E06

Mother Smother

Russy and Diggy are not appreciative of their mom getting into their business, but Angela and Vanessa don’t seem to mind. Also, Rev gets a new wardrobe with thanks to JoJo.

WiseVid Runs House S06E07

Zshare Runs House S06E07

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