Friday, November 14, 2008

I Don’t Wanna Know

Bill faces the vampire tribunal, and is ordered to do something that goes against his beliefs. Tara finds out the exorcists’ true intentions. Amy makes a rash decision which changes Jason’s and Amy’s lives. Sam reveals a secret to Sookie.

True Blood S01E10

Everybody Hates Snitches

Chris is hesitant about collecting a reward after witnessing a shooting outside of the movie theater since he was supposed to be keeping his eye on Tonya and Drew. Meanwhile, Julius takes Rochelle out on their anniversary to a Broadway musical, but the evening is a disaster.

Everybody Hates Chris S04E07


Melinda, in the midst of a personal crisis, begins to doubt the value of her special gift as she tries to help a desperate teenage ghost reconnect with her dad.

Ghost Whisperer S04E07

Hour 6 - Long Pig

Crusoe and Friday spy two captives have been taken by the cannibals. Crusoe is torn between leaving the captives behind and stealing the cannibals boat. Friday and Crusoe are shocked when they learn who the captives are.

Crusoe S01E06

Duel of the Droids

R2-D2 has been brought to General Grievous’ secret listening post and Ahsoka and Anakin go out on a duel rescue & sabotage mission along with a replacement droid R3-S6.

Star Wars The Clone Wars S01E07

Chapter Fifteen: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Prada

When Wendy feels a sense of betrayal between friends when she walks in on Nico and Griffin having lunch together. After finding out the mess Victory was in after learning Joe was going to purpose to her, they set aside their problems for a moment. The two feel guilt having not told her that Joe had bought a ring and was preparing a weekend getaway for her to take her mind of her disastrous love life. Unfortunately the trip is not as relaxing as they hoped and is more like a catastrophe.

Lipstick Jungle S02E08

Charlie Don’t Surf

Don & Charlie investigate when a family friend who was a park ranger and a former professional surfer is found murdered. Although the death was ruled an accident, the guys probe links this crime with another.

Numb3rs S05E07

White Coats and White Lies

Melanie’s grant money is revoked after she is placed on academic probation. Tasha and Malik are shocked after discovering that her boyfriend and Robin Givens, Malik’s wife, were once in a relationship. Kelly goes on her first date since she and Jason separated.

The Game S03E07

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