Thursday, November 13, 2008

4x10 | Earl and Joy's Anniversary
Earl finds out that he is no longer covered by the criminal code of ethics when someone steals Randy's birthday present from him. When he learns that the law of the underworld no longer protects him, Earl struggles with the idea of going to the police, despite Joy's protests that snitches are the lowest of the low.

Supernova: My Name is Earl 4x10

1x06 | Desire
Kath is undecided whether she should intervene when she sees how Phil's best friend treats him. Elsewhere, Craig tries to prove to his friend that he is not whipped because of Kim's constant requests.

Supernova: Kath & Kim 1x06

8x09 | Abyss
Chloe finds her mind overwritten with Brainiac's downloaded memory code, so Clark is forced to take her to the Fortress so Jor-El can remove the programming. Meanwhile, Davis confronts Chloe over her marriage to Jimmy.

Supernova: Smallville 8x09

3x08 | Tornado Girl
It will mean a nightmare for the PR department if Betty doesn't get a hold of Daniel before the next issue of Mode is released, but he is away at a company retreat. Meanwhile, Hilda finds out upsetting news about her styling salon business permit and Conner's fiancee meets the staff of the Mode.

Supernova: Ugly Betty 3×08

5x07 | Business Trip
Michael is thrilled when he learns that David Wallace is sending him to Canada for a business trip, and wants to bring both Andy and Oscar with him. Jim misses Pam and he can't wait until she returns from art school.

Supernova: The Office 5x07

9x06 | Say Uncle
A gangster style shooting in Koreatown leaves a man and woman dead and no witnesses will come forward. The prime suspect appears to be an Asian gang and a young boy, now missing and is part of a clinical trial, may be a key to the crime.

Supernova: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 9x06

3x03 | The One with the Cast of 'Night Court'
Liz and Jenna are randomly visited by Claire Harper, a free-spirited, Fatal Attraction-like stalker. Claire first targets Jack and claims him for her own. Kenneth, distressed and disappointed by the new page uniforms, looks to be cheered up by Tracy. To make Kenneth smile again, Tracy gives him a surprise which involves the cast of “Night Court.”

Supernova: 30 Rock 3x03

These Ties That Bind

Sadie, one of Meredith’s oldest friends, is brought on as an intern at Seattle Grace; however, Meredith’s friends are less than welcoming to her. Meanwhile, Lexie leads the interns on a unique training session; and Virginia, a new surgeon, brings new rules to the O.R.

Greys Anatomy S05E08

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Sam and Dean must team up with Ruby to find Anna, a girl who can listen in on angelic conversations… and who the demons want to acquire. Meanwhile, Sam fills Dean in on how he met Ruby during Dean’s time in Hell.

Supernatural S04E09

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