Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Self-Esteem Tempura

Christine is thrilled when a talent scout decides he wants to use Ritchie in a commercial after catching his performance in a school show, but Richard refuses to give his approval or let him go

The New Adventures of Old Christine S04E08

The Con Man in the Meth Lab

Booth’s brother, Jared, and Brennan investigate after a body is found uring a police raid. The team learns the victim is an inventor’s father who had a difficult past with his son. But when a second body is found, the team must race to find the con man in the inventor’s life. Meanwhile, Brennan goes on a date with Booth’s brother and learns a lot about Booth’s past.

Bones S04E09

I Wanna Rock & Roll All Night

Knight Industries tracks down a Bonnie and Clyde-esque couple and find that their true identites will affect a congressional race. Meanwhile, Mike and KITT must find a way to save Agent Rivai.

Knight Rider 2008 S01E07

Black Friday

When a murder takes place in a mall on the biggest shopping day of the year Charlie Crews and Dani Reese end up searching for more than just the killer. In a moment of confusion the body disappears, Crews and Reese are then faced with the task of tracking down both the body and the killer in one of the largest malls in America on one if the busiest shopping days of the year.

Life S02E08

Elementary School Musical

Stan realizes he could lose Wendy if he doesn’t get on board with the latest fad to hit South Park Elementary. Cartman would rather kill himself than succumb. But, when Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman all realize that Butters is now more popular than they are, they have no choice but to give in to peer pressure.

South Park S12E13


Dr. Reid investigates a decades old murder in Las Vegas that is inexplicably linked to his own past.

Criminal Minds S04E07

Dead Inside

The team must venture into the world of “SecretU,” an art-house world where 20-somethings confess their deepest secrets, as they investigate a floating crime scene.


Melting Pot

Season 5 finds 17 new chefs heading to New York City. There they receive the first challenge which is serving up dishes which covers the ethnic flavors of the cities districts. Toby Young joins the crew as the new guest judge.

Top Chef S05E01

Gary & Allison’s Restaurant

Gary ends up in Vanessa’s doghouse after finally taking her on a real date, but brings her to a restaurant that he used to frequent with Allison.

Gary Unmarried S01E07

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At November 13, 2008 at 6:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said........
Awww what happened to Private Practice? Did it not come on or have you discontinued its posting either way thanks for all you do