Tuesday, November 11, 2008

3x09 | Prom Night
Cassie attends the prom with her parents acting as chaperons, and faces a chance at seeing Charles and Sage there together.

Supernova: Lincoln Heights 3x09


1x10 | Games People Play
Noami grows spiteful as Annie and Ethan grow closer, causing her to deliver an unwelcomed surprise at Annie's sweet 16 party. Meanwhile, the school is all buzzing over the news that Ryan was given a leave of absence, and Adrianna discovers Navid's secret.

Supernova: 90210 1x10


1x09 | All About Insecurities
Megan reflects on her faltering career as a writer after her college friend, Caryn, pays Megan a visit and shares the news of her promotion at The New Yorker. Meanwhile, Sage and Rose get a performing gig at a Miami nightclub thanks to their publicist, where they meet Perez Hilton. Also, Megan strains her relationship with Will after he invites her and Caryn to a tennis match he is photographing.

Supernova: Privileged 1x09


1x06 | Red Handed
Patrick Jane don't believe the police have the correct person on trial for the murders and drug deal of the states witness.

Supernova: The Mentalist 1x06


6x07 | Collateral Damage
NCIS has to do the investigation of a deadly bank robbery. One of the new recruits assigned to the fraud unit, special agent Dwayne Wilson joins the team to help.

Supernova: NCIS 6x07


5x07 | The Itch
Due to her previous experience, Cameron works with the team to treat a agoraphobic man who refuses to leave his home. As the man's condition worsens and they have to figure a way to operate at home or relocate him to the hospital, House suffers from a maddening itch he can't identify. Meanwhile, Chase and Cameron deal with an issue in their relationship.

Supernova: House 5x07


1x07 | In Which We Meet Mr. Jones
A seemingly-alien parasite attaches itself internally to a FBI agent. Olivia goes to Germany to meet with a man who knows about the parasite, where Walter conducts experiments to tap into a dead man's brainwave, which puts Peter at risk when he is the one who has to hook up to the corpse.

Supernova: Fringe 1x07


7x06 | Live to Regret
A bank manager disappears and the team uncover a dark secret during their investigations. Jack returns to his rightful place as head of the department.

Supernova: Without a Trace 7x06


2x04 | Should I Stay or Should I Go?
In the aftermath of Posner/Klein's departure, Eli tries to keep Matt with the firm by offering him a pro bono case concerning Homeland Security, and has a vision concerning Maggie's upcoming wedding.

Supernova: Eli Stone 2x04

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