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2x07 | The Panty PiƱata Polarization
After Sheldon bans Penny from the apartment for what she feels are minor infractions, she declares and all-out war on him.

ZSHARE: The Big Bang Theory 2x07

4x07 | Not a Father's Day
Lily and Marshall receive different views on whether they should have a baby when Lily asks Ted and Marshall turns to Robin for advice.

ZSHARE: How I Met Your Mother 4x07

4x10 | The Legend
Sara is left with no choice but to take Michael to the hospital as his condtion rapidly worsens. Sucre and Lincoln are faced with unknown territory as they are left in charge of the operation. Agent Self makes a surprising ally.

ZSHARE: Prison Break 4x10

2x08 | Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today
Why would a T-1001 ever need to visit a doctor? Sarah, John and Cameron hope to find out as they track another name from their list. Meanwhile, a woman who Derek once knew in the past surprises him by appearing in the present

ZSHARE: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x08

2x10 | Bonfire of the Vanity
Blair sets out on a mission to break up her mother and Cyrus Rose, her new man. Jenny moves in with Agnes as the two continue with their plans for their own fashion line. As Serena continues to fall for Aaron, she learns something that may derail their relationship forever while Dan interviews Bart Bass for an article for Vanity Fair.

ZSHARE: Gossip Girl 2x10

6x07 | Best H.O. Money Can Buy
Alan tries to escape Judith's grasp as Charlie and Herb go on the prowl.

ZSHARE: Two and a Half Men 6x07

2x06 | Chuck Versus the Ex
Chuck bumps into his old flame Jill from Stanford while out on a Nerd Herd call. While they reacquaint themselves, Chuck lies by saying how successful he has been. But a flash on her boss has Chuck seeing a scientist who developed a bio-weapon. So it's up to Chuck, Sarah and Casey to find out if she's involved. Back at Buy More, Big Mike almost chokes to death. Emmet, the company efficiency expert makes it mandatory that all employees learn how to preform CPR from Captain Awesome.

ZSHARE: Chuck 2x06

2x05 | Help!
Samantha is arrested after having a run-in with a cop. While completing her community service, she meets Natalie, a troubled young woman, and takes it upon herself to help Natalie turn her life around. Meanwhile, despite Todd telling Howard he and Sam are just friend, Howard gives him advice on how to get her back.

ZSHARE: Samantha Who? 2x05

1x07 | The Vows
Sam hopes he can get the Clayton's minister to perform their wedding ceremony, but as usual Sam's good intentions end with hims stuck in a predicament from Hell.

ZSHARE: Worst Week 1x07

3x08 | Villians
Hiro travels back in time to determine what drove Arthur Petrelli to fake his death and create Pinehearst. in the past, he also witnesses Thompson's protege Meredith deal with her brother, and Sylar make a discovery about his powers.

ZSHARE: Heroes 3x08

4x13 | It's Her Move
Audrina is searching for a new place to stay with Justin. Meanwhile Heidi runs into trouble at work.

ZSHARE: The Hills 4x13

4x14 | Episode 14
Episode Info To Be Announced

ZSHARE: The Hills 4x14

6x10 | Even Fairy Tale Characters Would be Jealous
Tension arises backstage at Peyton's USO show as Lucas deals with Peyton and Julian's past. While Haley tries to find a way to ease her stage fright, Nathan grapples with a decision that could forever change his career. Meanwhile, Brooke receives a call that could end her relationship with Sam and Millicent confronts Mouth over Gigi.

ZSHARE: One Tree Hill 6x10

1x04 | That Is Not My Son
Henry places a panicked call to Mavis, which is overheard by a fellow agent, after Henry awakens amidst gunfire during Edward's mission. Elsewhere, Mary confirms her suspicions about Tom.

ZSHARE: My Own Worst Enemy 1x04

5x08 | Roe
Jerry Espenson assaulted a bully after a run-in with him and wants to defend himself in court much to the dismay of the fellow partners. Meanwhile, an underage pregnant girl wants an abortion and Shirley and Alan try to obtain a judicial by-pass for the girl.

ZSHARE: Boston Legal 5x08

7x07 | Cheating Death
Handcuffed, a man is found in his own hotel room. Meanwhile, a prank at the Crime Lab threatens an investigation.

ZSHARE: CSI: Miami 7x07

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ummmm theres no link for gossip girl? lmao

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thaaanks for gossip girl!