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1x03 | Bounty
An evil cartographer sells magical maps that allow bounty hunters and henchmen to track Richard's every move. Zedd is captured by a corrupt wizard; Richard and Kahlan save the village of Drendril from bad magic.

Megavideo Legend Of The Seeker 1x03

3x07 | Do You Believe in Magic
Tommy and Julia celebrate a spectacular wedding anniversary while Justin and Rebecca become spooked about their own romance, and the McCallisters' shot at an adoption are endangered by Kitty's neuroses.

ZSHARE: Brothers & Sisters 3x07

20x05 | Dangerous Curves
The Simpson clan takes a road trip to a cabin in the woods that Homer and Marge once vacationed at 20 years ago. In a series of flashbacks Homer and Marge reflect on some history from their courtship and Bart and Lisa recall some pleasant memories from their very early days.

ZSHARE: The Simpsons 20x05

2x07 | In a Lonely Place
Hank has found a new love interest, Becca's English teacher, who he discovers is the mother of his daughter's boyfriend. Charlie finds out that Marcy has been hiding a financial secret from him, one which may devastate them.

Megavideo: Californication 2x07

5x07 | What More DO I Need?
Meanwhile, Susan learns of Jackson's true passion, and Mrs. McCluskey's sister unearths a disturbing fact about Dave. Desire is an emotion which proves to be dangerous. Lynette and Tom discover the unsettling truth about their son Porter; Gabrielle believes Carlos' best client is hiding an ulterior motive, and Katherine's not so small of a secret is unveiled.

Megavideo: Desperate Housewives 5×07

5x10 | Seth Green Day
Stern advice from Verner, the demanding director of "Smokejumpers," unnerves Vince. Meanwhile, Eric dreads the fact that Seth Green is on the short list for Charlie's pilot, and Ari and Lloyd give Andrew a makeover.

Megavideo: Entourage 5x10

7x05 | The Man With Two Brians
After watching Johnny Knoxville on Jackass, Peter and the guys film their own shenanigans. When Brian gets hurt, the family worries that he's getting too old, so Peter brings home a new dog. Everything is great until the 'new Brian' crosses the line and humps Stewie's favorite toy.

Megavideo: Family Guy 7x05

1x10 | I Dont Wanna Know
Bill faces the vampire tribunal, and is ordered to do something that goes against his beliefs. Tara finds out the exorcists' true intentions. Amy makes a rash decision which changes Jason's and Amy's lives. Sam reveals a secret to Sookie.

Megavideo: True Blood 1x10

3x07 | Easy As Pie
Dexter angers Miguel when he says no to his latest offer, who's unsure the next target lives up (or down) to Harry's Code. Meanwhile, an elderly, deathly ill Camilla asks Dexter to kill her, insisting she would never ask a friend to do something against his conscience. Also, Rita discovers that Sylvia believes her husband Miguel has had an affair; and Anton is told he is bait to get at Skinner.

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dang i didnt even know legend of the seeker already aired.. i thought it was nov 18th..