Thursday, April 16, 2009

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Michael Sheen ~ Aro
Aro is the volturi leader who resides in Volterra, Italy. He has been ruling the Vampire community for thousands of years. He covets immortal beings in his guard who are beautiful, unique, and talented.

Jamie Campbell Bower ~ Caius
Is the white-haired " brother" of Aro who doesnt want Bella, Edward, and Alice to leave Volterra. He believes she knows too much and would prefer her dead.

Christopher Heyerdahl ~ Marcus
Dark, long-haired third member of the Volturi. He is seemingly uninterested and bored most of the time. His talent is that he can see the strenght of relationships.

Dakota Fanning ~ Jane
The most favored of the Volturi Guard whos brother, Alec, is also a member. She has short, brown hair and an androgynous body and is as tiny as Alice. Her talent is causing pain in the mind to feel like physical pain, just by smiling.

Cameron Bright ~ Alec
Alec is the brother of Jane and is also part of the Volturi Guard. He has dark hair and is just as lovely as his sister. His talent enables him to incapacitate victims, keeping them blind and frozen.

Charlie Bewley ~ Demetri
Is a Volturi tracker who catches the tenor of someones mind, and follows it. He is 1000 Xs better than James. He has long wavy hair and appears to be polite.

Daniel Cudmore ~ Felix
Roughly the same size as Emmett and has " Dibs " on Bella. He has short black hair and a leering demeanor.

Noot Seear ~ Heidi
An unforgettable Beauty who lures in humans for the Volturi's meals.

I For one am stoked that they got Micheal Sheen. He's an AMAZING actor. I hope all the old actors (COUGH ROB/KRISTEN) will act better now they have high profile actors like Dakota Fanning and Micheal Sheen. I wasnt going to see the movie but now I am.
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At April 17, 2009 at 8:14 AM, Anonymous THiLDou-Le-CHaT said........
OMG ! Michael Sheen ?! For Real ?! Is this the real life or just an dream !!!! Michael is so great as an actor, i completly love him ! The others seems pretty good enough but i don't know them well.... Hope the director will do a better job this time !!!! Now, i wish the volturi had win, with Michael Sheen, they should have ! :p