Monday, November 24, 2008

4x09 | The Naked Man
Robin meets a group of single girls who like to go out. Meanwhile, Barney and Ted discuss a new company headquarter design.

Supernova: How I Met Your Mother 4x09

2x08 | Chuck Versus The Gravitron
Chuck, Sarah and Casey are surprised to learn that Jill, Chuck's girlfriend, is a FULCRUM agent searching for the Intersect. Because of this, Chuck is asked to use his relationship to get to an agent named "Leader." Meanwhile, Captain Awesome's parents are coming for Thanksgiving and Ellie is determined to make the perfect dinner for them.

Supernova: Chuck 2x08

4x12 | Selfless
As the search for Scylla comes to a surprising end, Sarah takes a hostage, T-Bag and Gretchen have their last stand at Gate, and Michael and Lincoln are betrayed by one of their own as they finally get to go face-to-face with the General.

Supernova: Prison Break 4x12

2x10 | Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point
Sarah's preoccupation with the three dots takes her to a place she believes is holding Andy Goode's Turk. Meanwhile, Jesse's plans have come complications and Weaver makes an important introduction.

Supernova: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x10

6x09 | The Mooch At The Boo
Jake disappears with the daughter of Charlie's neighbor, a former NFL player, and Charlie is left to cover his back.

Supernova: Two and a Half Men 6x09

3x10 | The Eclipse
After getting Sylar and Elle back together, Arthur has them find Claire and bring her to him. Matt, Hiro and Ando head out to follow Daphne to Athens, Georgia to uncover what she's been hiding. Meanwhile, Nathan and Peter travel to Haiti to find the only person who can stop their father -- The Haitian

Supernova: Heroes 3x10

6x12 | You Have Got to be Kidding Me (Anatomy of the Devil’s Brain)
Lucas heads to Hollywood to meet the director of the film while Nathan lands a try-out with a pro basketball team. Meanwhile, Peyton works to get Mia to focus on her follow-up album; Millicent confronts Mouth about Gigi; Julian asks Brooke to design clothes for his film; and Haley takes Jamie to his school talent show.

Supernova: One Tree Hill 6x12

2x07 | The Farm
Sam's decision to invite Owen to dinner with her parents goes awry when Owen's thoughts about chicken farms hits Howard the wrong way. Meanwhile, Dena, worried Chase isn't spending enough time with her, sits in on one of his meetings; and Todd enjoys having the apartment to himself.

Supernova: Samantha Who? 2x07

1x06 | High Crimes And Turducken
Edward takes a big risk as he tries to identify the killers of his parents. Angie is worried because of her father's impending visit; Tom and Mary reconnect; and Edward's relationship with Dr. Skinner is discovered by Henry.

Supernova: My Own Worst Enemy 1x06

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