Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The team must rely on information from some questionable individuals to stop a criminal bent on stealing government secrets.




Benson finds himself going as far as to hiding inside a stairway to protect a woman who is a victim of spousal abuse. While hiding, Benson uncovers another crime from the past.

Law and Order SVU S10E08


4x15 | One Last Chance
SBE offers Heidi one last chance. Meanwhile Holly finds a new place to crash.

Supernova: The Hills 4x15


5x09 | Last Resort
A man seeking the right diagnosis for his illness is willing to take on the hospital and the SWAT team to get it. He takes thirteen and several patients from the waiting room and puts them in Cuddy's office. To put an end to the crisis they must come up with the right diagnosis, treat the wounded, and hold off a SWAT team.

Supernova: House 5x09


1x09 | The Dreamscape
The team is called in to investigate why a man jumps out a window because he thinks he's being attacked by butterflies. Olivia gets some breaks in solving the case from her former partner and that she is so desperate to rid herself of him that she demands to go back into the tank. Meanwhile, some former friends and current foes of Peter find out that he's back in Boston.

Supernova: Fringe 1x09

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