Friday, November 21, 2008

Everybody Hates Big Bird

The nerdy girl which everyone refers to as “Big Bird” has asked Chris out on a date, and has only accepted her invitation so he won’t hurt her feelings.

Everybody Hates Chris S04E08

The Side Part, Under Episode

Melanie concentrates at her work in the hospital after having a heated argument with Derwin, as she becomes attracted to a handsome guy.

The Game S03E08

Heart & Soul

Melinda works to help an amnesiac cross over all while dealing with her own loss.

Ghost Whisperer S04E08

Hour 7 - Bad Blood

Crusoe awakens to a shock when he finds Friday inside the tree house trying to attack him. Crusoe rushes to find Olivia for a cure after figuring out that Friday has gone insane from an illness. They must check the island to find a rare plant which can cure Friday’s new mental state.

Crusoe S01E07

Thirty Six Hours

When a passenger train and a freight train carrying toxic chemicals collide, Don, Charlie and the rest of the team must determine if foul play was involved in the crash.

Numb3rs S05E08

Chapter Sixteen: Thanksgiving

Wendy is at her wits end as she tries to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for her mom, Josie, Sal and the rest of her family. Elsewhere, Nico and Kirby are babysitters for Megan; and Victoria is asked to design a wedding dress in two days by a client.

Lipstick Jungle S02E09

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