Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rage Against the Christine

When Christine’s new boyfriend loses at tennis to her, his competitiveness streak begins to emerge.

The New Adventures of Old Christine S04E09

The Passenger in the Oven

Booth and Brennan travel to China to help identify pre-historic remains, but while on the flight, a human body is found in the plane. In order to solve the crime, Booth and Bones must get equipment from the passengers in order to piece together a devise to send evidence back to The Jeffersonian before they lose jurisdiction. Back in the U.S., Hodgins begins to move on after his break-up with Angela, while Angela and Roxie grow closer.

Bones S04E10

Gary and Allison Brooks

Gary pretends he is still married while attending the vow-renewal of a friend, as a favor to Allison. But the plan backfires when Gary finds himself attracted to one of the guests.

Gary Unmarried S01E08

Knight of the Zodiac

Billy tags along with Mike as he heads to Vegas on a mission to stop a money laundering ring, and Billy has his eye on finding romance along the way. Meanwhile, The KITT cave is assessed and also locks horns with an old nemesis, Dr. Graiman.

Knight Rider 2008 S01E08

Oh Oh Oh…It’s Magic

The Great Herrmann hires Emerson to find out who’s trying to kill him, and magic, murder, and mystery mix, while Ned discovers that there’s some magic in his father’s history.

Pushing Daisies S02E06


The team must profile a self-confessed serial killer who turns himself in, but sends them on a massive manhunt to find his latest victims before it is too late.

Criminal Minds S04E08

Serving Two Masters

Just another typical day when Addison is treating two pregnant women, who have the same thing in common but don’t know it themselves…the same husband and also a Alzheimer patient and if that wasn’t enough to fill the her day, her husband
forces Sam and Naomi to look at their own relationship, and to end the day, Violet confronts Charlotte about her relationship with Cooper, and Dell reveals a very special woman in his life to his surprised co-workers.

Private Practice S02E06

My Name is Mac Taylor

The team must take on their must unusual case yet when two murder victims are found and both are named Mac Taylor. Now, CSI Mac Taylor and the 15 others in town with the same name must pinpoint the killer’s motive before another Mac Taylor is taken

CSI New York S05E08

The Injured Party

After Wrenn is injured on her bike by Letitia’s car, Tripp offers her to recuperate at his mansion. While there she manages to make some new friends, and makes others suspicious. Lisa and Nick have a fight over Nick. Meanwhile, Nola Lyons, the new chief of staff impresses Patrick by being aggressive, but others are not. Brian is surprised to learn that Andrea is refusing to fight her cancer through a medical trial.

Dirty Sexy Money S02E06

The Sleep of Babies

Clay discovers there will be a significant amount of risk when he comes up with an idea to raise money for Bobby’s defense. SAMCRO’s trouble may overshadow Abel’s homecoming.

Sons of Anarchy S01E12

Badge Bunny

When a drug dealer and an elementary school teacher are found dead in a bad part of town, it looks like the typical drug deal gone bad. The investigation takes a turn when Crews and Reese discover the dead teacher was a “Badge Bunny,” a term used amongst police officers for women who only date cops. The detectives soon realize the killer could be one of their own.

Crews and Jennifer address their complicated relationship and Ted has trouble retaining students in his business class.

Life S02E09

Show Your Craft

The contestants head to a restaurant owned by head judge Tom Colicchio, where they are challenged to create and serve lunch to real customers.

Top Chef S05E02

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