Monday, November 17, 2008

The Lizard-Spock Expansion

Has a smitten Wolowitz found the love of his life, he thinks so until she meets Leonard.

The Big Bang Theory S02E08


Robin meets back up with a group of over-indulging single party girls known as the “Woo Girls.” Meanwhile, Barney receives a submission for design of the new company headquarters from Ted.

How I Met Your Mother S04E08

Pinocchio’s Mouth

Charlie’s new girlfriend asks him to spend the night at her place, while Alan tries to enforce a punishment on Jake.

Two and a Half Men S06E08

Quiet Riot

Prison Break S04E11


John worries about Sarah and her nightmares, which seem to be affecting her in real life. Meanwhile, Jesse and Derek investigate a Skynet conspirator.

Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles S02E09

The Magnificent Archibalds

It’s Thanksgiving and Blair is upset that Cyrus, her mother’s new boyfriend, has decided to ruin their holiday traditions. Lily finds herself in the middle of Rufus and Jenny, who threatens to stop talking to her father if things do not go her way. Serena continues to hide her complicated past from Aaron, but Dan ends up accidently revealing parts to him. Meanwhile, Blair and Chuck come to Nate’s aid when he has to confront his father; and Eric learns of a secret that Bart is keeping from his mother.

Gossip Girl S02E11

The Cake

No good can come when Sam and Mel’s politically incorrect father and brash mother stop by to meet the Clayton’s.

Worst Week S01E08

The Ex

Sam tells her current boyfriend that she is living with her ex-boyfriend, but Sam finds out that Owen’s best friend is his ex-girlfriend, Willow.Confusing?, Wait it gets better…Willow has feelings for Todd and Sam is now jealous and is asking herself which guy does she want?
Meanwhile, in order to get the date with the hunky pro-basketball player, Andrea tries her best to shoot a flattering picture of herself, yeah right…tune in and find out what happens.

Samantha Who S02E06

It’s Coming

After a strike against Ando and Hiro in Africa, Arthur has Knox and Flint track down Peter and Claire. Meanwhile, Sylar has a “shocking” confrontation with Elle; Nathan is shocked that his father is alive; Suresh begins the testing on his new formula; and Matt tries to wake up Angela.

Heroes S03E09

We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)

In an episode written by series star Chad Michael Murray, classic films are given a nod when Karen’s Cafe is transformed into a nightclub with Lucas as its proprietor.

One Tree Hill S06E11

Chuck Versus the Fat Lady

Chuck, Sarah and Casey are investigating the CIA for corrupt agents. Things between Chuck and Sarah become complicated when he reunites with his old girlfriend from Stanford. Even having Sarah and Jill meet doesn’t help Chuck out despite his explanation that he and Sarah merely work together. Meanwhile, Emmett the assistant manager and company efficiency expert at Buy More is out to get Chuck through his best friend, Morgan.

Chuck S02E07

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