Friday, November 7, 2008

17x07 | The Apple In The Garden Of Eden
Another contestant is voted out.

Supernova: Survivor 17x06

3x07 | Tornado Girl
If Betty doesn't get ahold of Daniel before the next issue of Mode goes out it's going to be a nightmare for the PR department. Meanwhile, Hilda gets news concerning her business permit to open a styling salon and Connor's fiancŽe meets the Modies.

Supernova: Ugly Betty 3×07

4x06 | Everybody Hates Doc's
Doc's bossy girlfriend keeps sending Chris to do inane chores at the store, making his life miserable. Meanwhile, Julius gets in trouble when Rochelle finds a bra in his sock drawer in which Tonya had hid there so she wouldn't be caught wearing it to school, hoping to be noticed more.

Supernova: Everybody Hates Chris 4x06

4x06 | Imaginary Friends
Melinda tries to help out Tricia, an old friend of JIm's, reconnect with a ghost she once knew, who is now also in communication with her young daughter.

Supernova: Ghost Whisperer 4×06
5x06 | Magic Show
When a female magician disappears on stage during a trick and doesn't reappear, Don is sent in to investigate. David was in the audience and witnessed to act.

Supernova: Numb3rs 5x06

2x07 | Chapter Fourteen: Let the Games Begin
Nico is introduced to Kirby's mother. Victory's latest project calls for input from Joe, who has been avoiding her. Wendy's jealousy is tweaked when Shane signs on with a new manager.

Supernova: Lipstick Jungle 2x07
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