Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Price You Pay

Tay meets a new girl he likes while at the recording studio, but when he spends time with her. he finds himself in hot water. Elsewhere, Jenn and Cassie participate in a protest.

Lincoln Heights S03E08


Secrets and Lies

Harry and Debbie reveal to Annie and Dixon that Harry had a son who was given up for adoption 22 years ago. Meanwhile, Silver has the girls over for a girls’ night, but the simple night together quickly escalates into a house party.

90210 S01E09


4x06 | The Instincts
While investigating the kidnapping of a young boy in Las Vegas, Dr. Reid begins to have dreams that may help reveal some buried memories from his childhood.

Supernova: Criminal Minds 4x06


1x01 | Take This Job and Shove It
After Rita gets passed up for a promotion at work, she starts to question who she is and starts a garage band to capture the spirit of her younger days

Supernova: Rita Rocks 1x01


1x08 | All About Defining Yourself
Laurel takes over when Megan decides to write a biography about her, and removes Meghan's name for that of a ghostwriter. But Megan trudges on and discovers a secret about Laurel's past while doing research. Elsewhere, Sage talks with a publicist about a modeling career, and Charlie believes Mandy is better for him than Megan

Supernova: Privileged 1x08


19x01 | Rumble
When a Wall Street stockbroker turns up dead, sound evidence is hard to come by, and DA Jack McCoy is forced to make one of the most controversial arguments of his legal career.

Supernova: Law & Order 19x01

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