Sunday, November 2, 2008

Treehouse of Horror XIX

The Simpsons S20E04

Lost in Myspace

When Mr. Strickland decides to put Strickland Propane on My Space, hank has a feeling this is a bad idea. His fears are founded when Donna posts personal videos and information on the site.

King of the Hill S13E04

Season 1, Episode 5

Valentine S01E05

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Britannia High is a British ITV musical/drama series, focussing on the lives of a group of young adults, and their mentors at a fictional London theatre school. It was first broadcast on Sunday, 26 October 2008 at 6.15pm.

Episode 1: Let's Dance

Choosy Wives Choose Smith

American Dad S04E04

There’s Always a Woman

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Gaby is over the moon when Carlos’ client makes them an offer they can’t refuse, but a startling discovery leaves her second guessing; Lynette grows suspicious that Tom is cheating on her; and after breaking up with Jackson, Susan tries to surprise him, only to find the surprise is on her.
Meanwhile, the bond between Bree and Katherine grows, and Mrs. McCluskey enlists the help of her sister to dig up dirt on Dave.

Desperate Housewives S05E06

The Dealer

The 1981 case of a woman who disappeared is reopened when her remains are found in the trunk of a car at a junkyard.

Cold Case S06E06

Plaisir D’Amour

Bill’s continuous concern for Sookie causes him to go against the vampire’s code. Jason and Amy go to extremes to score “V”, Tara goes back to the exorcist, and Sam is put in charge to look after Sookie while Bill faces a hearing.

True Blood S01E09


Nora sets out to find as much as she can about William’s son in order to beat Holly. Meanwhile, Kitty and Robert await news on a potential birth mother.

Brothers and Sisters S03E06


Entourage S05E09

Si Se Puede

Dexter tests Miguel to see is he is on his dark-side job. Rita questions her career path after being fired from her job. Debra believes she in some way caused another homicide while working on her current case.

Dexter S03E06

Coke Dick & the First Kick

Hank decides to seek out Lew Ashby’s long lost love, Janie Jones. He discovers she’s now a Beverly Hills wife and mother.

Later, Hank accidentally walks in on Julian going at it with a rocker chick he’s “mentoring”. When Hank confronts Sonja about the discovery, she reveals that, much to her frustration, they have an open relationship.

Mia spends the day trailed by Rolling Stone reporter Annika Staley. After finagling their way into Ashby Manor, Hank takes a liking to Staley, but is shocked to discover Mia leaving Ashby’s bedroom later that night.

Meanwhile, when a location falls through, the Runkle residence is transformed into the set of Vaginatown. The lead actor’s failings force Charlie to step in for the money shot.

Californication S02E06

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