Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Delectable Basket of Treats

In order to gain more publicity for her marriage to Malik, Robin plans a belated wedding reception, but Tasha refuses to attend. Rick’s overprotective mother and Tasha clash when they meet for the first time.

The Game S03E05


Melinda searches for the answer why a former high school athlete’s spirit is haunting a family which is not her own.

Ghost Whisperer S04E05

Scan Man

When a shipping service discovers they are missing high-end goods the team hunts down the crew responsible and ask an employee with savant-like abilities to help them find who is behind the crime. Also, Don questions his faith in the FBI after one of his men is killed while on duty.

Numb3rs S05E05

Chapter Thirteen: The Lyin’, the Bitch and the Wardrobe

Victory is worried about the opening of her flagship store and also about Dahlia’s spending to where the budget is over spent. While Victory deals with the opening and a fashion show, Joe evaluates his relationship with Victory and makes a life-changing decision.
Meanwhile, Wendy returns to pitch a new project at Parador Pictures but it’s soon squashed by a young VP and puts a damper on her homecoming.Later, Nico happens to run into her dead husband’s mistress and baby, but instead of avoiding them she approaches them and the baby Charlie instantly likes her, much to her surprise.

Lipstick Jungle S02E06

Hour 4 - The Mutineers

When a ship arrives on Crusoe’s island in search of supplies, Crusoe and Friday must find a way to scare them away. Later, Crusoe forms an alliance with the captain believing it will be a way to get off the island and back home to Susannah.

Crusoe S01E04

Everybody Hates My Man

Chris is rewarded for helping the school’s star running back with his homework by getting a chance to hang out with the “Cool Kids.” Greg tries to warn Chris about his own work, but he is too happy to care, that is until he fails an exam. Julius is hired for a new side job which has him moving dead bodies for a funeral home. But he soon finds himself in debt despite his new found windfall by buying gifts galore for his family and friends.

Everybody Hates Chris S04E05

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