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Having found her dream dress Kath plans on having a lavish wedding, but her financial woes may limit her vision for the big day. Elsewhere, Kim thinks about going back with Craig after discovering that big money can be made in breeding his dog.

Kath and Kim US S01E04

Ugly Berry

The newest citizen Ignacio is ready to vote for the first time. Kimmie’s true colors show as she competes against Betty. Meanwhile, with a large crowd passing through for the voting, Hilda uses the time to promote her shop and Wilhelmina prepares to hire a new financial officer whom Daniel hates.

Ugly Betty S03E06


When Jimmy gets a photo of a superspeeding Clark rescuing Lois, Tess wants to publish the photo in the Daily Planet. Clark asks Chloe to use her influence with Jimmy to help destroy the photo, but she refuses.

Smallville S08E07

Let it Bleed

A murdered young woman who was tossed from a nightclub is found to have several blood types in her system during the CSI’s investigation, and she is the daughter of a wanted drug lord by the FBI. The case becomes personal for Catherine when she discovers Lindsey was at the same nightclub with a fake ID.

CSI S09E04

Employee Transfer

Incorrectly assuming that Halloween at corporate is like Halloween in Scranton, Pam wears a costume to work. Michael and Holly take a trip together to New Hampshire after learning some big news from the corporate office. Back in Scranton, Dwight finds ways to annoy Andy.

The Office S05E05


Worried that Liz’s hectic lifestyle may be too much to adopt a child, Bev, the adoption agent, visits the set. Panicked, Liz tells everyone to act normal, but chaos soon ensues as a fight arises between Jenna and Tracy. Meanwhile, Jack returns to 30 Rock and vows to do whatever it takes to get his position back from Devin.

30 Rock S03E01

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

With Halloween quickly approaching, Sam and Dean must find a witch who is making human sacrifices in order to summon a demon. Meanwhile, Castiel returns with Uriel, an angel wanting to smite the entire town.

Supernatural S04E07

Life During Wartime

The Chief gives Bailey new responsibility in order to help her to be one of the best surgeons at Seattle Grace. Meanwhile, Owen Hunt, the new head of trauma, clashes with the current staff’s methods and abilities.

Greys Anatomy S05E06


Gates feels neglected as Sam spends all of her time studying for her upcoming pharmacology exam. Meanwhile, a stab wound victim comes into the ER following a vicious school fight and Brenner takes it upon himself to find out what really happened. Later, Morris surprises Neela and Gates finds himself locked in a stairwell with a young boy on Halloween.

ER S15E05

Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadows?

Sam gets pulled back into his childhood after he must deal with gangster Nick Profaci’s assault on a young woman, who turns out to be his mother in 1973. As Sam tries to save her, he learns about two unsolved murders linked to Profaci and his boss, Elliot Casso.

Life on Mars US S01E04


An especially tough case where severely autistic children begin disappearing across the country, only to have them reappear the next month with symptoms of savant syndrome has Dr. Jacob Hood baffled.

Eleventh Hour S01E04

Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack

After Dee suffers a heart attack, she and Dennis try to live a healthier lifestyle. Meanwhile, Charlie and Mac take corporate jobs to get health insurance.

Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia S04E010

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