Thursday, October 23, 2008

4x07 | Quit Your Snitchin'
Earl needs to decide whether to become a police snitch, after Randy's birthday present is stolen.

Supernova: My Name is Earl 4x07

3x05 | Granny Pants
Kimmie Keegan goes to Betty for help in finding a job. Meanwhile, Daniel decides to try a matchmaking service and gets a shocking "perfect" match. Elsewhere, Justin tries out for a Broadway musical.

Supernova: Ugly Betty 3×05

9x03 | Art Imitates Life
After several victims are found dead while performing normal, everyday activities, the CSIs must find the reason as to why each of the victims remain upright after dying.

Supernova: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 9x03

17x05 | He's a Snake, But He's My Snake
On Kota, Dan's large appetite has his tribe on edge as their amount of food begins to dwindle. Meanwhile, Fang has their own shortage of rice. Sugar then tells Ace she'll give him the immunity idol after finding out that the other tribe mates looked through her bag.

Supernova: Survivor 17x05

1x03 | Old
Kath is excited to plan her wedding to Phil, but becomes insecure when Kim says that her mother is too old to be getting married. Later, Kim believes that Craig is having an affair, leading her to ask her second best friend Angel for help.

Supernova: Kath & Kim 1x03

5x04 | Crime Aid
Pam's art school is expensive, so Michael helps out by getting her a part time job at corporate to pay for her classes. The Scranton branch is robbed, and Michael decides the best way to replace all the stolen items is to hold an auction.

Supernova: The Office 5x04

8x06 | Prey
A serial killer is on the loose in Metropolis, and Clark suspects Davis, who has blackouts whenever the killer strikes.

Supernova: Smallville 8x06

4x06 | Yellow Fever
Several men die from fright after being infected with a mysterious illness that causes acute anxiety, which leads to total terror. Sam and Dean investigate, and Dean becomes infected. Sam desperately searches for a cure before Dean dies.

Supernova: Supernatural 4x06

5x05 | There's No 'I' in Team
Bailey leads a team for a "domino procedure" in which each surgery is dependent on the one before it. Meanwhile, Derek receives sole credit for the study he and Meredith worked on; Lexie tries to get George to see her in a different light; and Sloan gives Callie relationship advice.

Supernova: Grey's Anatomy 5x05

1x03 | My Maharishi's Bigger Than Your Maharishi
After a Vietnam veteran is killed upon his return from overseas, Lieutenant Hunt demands a quick resolve to this complicated case. As Sam and the detectives look into the vet's homicide, Tyler uncovers clues about his family's past.

Supernova: Life on Mars (US) 1x03

15x04 | Parental Guidance
Banfield heads out for a cup of coffee and is caught off guard when she is mugged. Meanwhile, Dubenko is placed back on the surgery team thanks to Dr. Brenner; Banfield and Gates believe the injuries of a gymnast who claims to have fallen are really due to a family member; and Gates learns Sarah got her tongue pierced without his permission.

Supernova: ER 15x04

4x09 | Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life
Mac and Frank find Dennis' erotic memoir and attempt to profit from it, while Dee and Charlie spend a day in each other's shoes.

Supernova: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 4x09

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