Tuesday, October 21, 2008

5x05 | Lucky Thirteen
Thirteen's female lover has a seizure after a night of partying and she takes the woman to the hospital. It turns out the woman has a long-standing medical condition and slept with Thirteen to get House to see her. Meanwhile, Foreman confronts Thirteen about her destructive lifestyle and House continues to have Lucas spy on Wilson.

Supernova: House 5x05


6x05 | Nine Lives
The hunt for a marine's murderer puts Gibbs on a collision course with an old friend FBI Agent Fornell.

Supernova: NCIS 6x05


4x04 | Paradise
A serial killer who disguises his victims' demise by creating car accidents to mask their earlier deaths is the subject of a BAU manhunt.

Supernova: Criminal Minds 4x04


3x06 | Disarmed
Eddie tries to stop a man from getting released from prison who put the hit on his mother.

Supernova: Lincoln Heights 3x06


2x09 | Three's a Crowd
Rusty is hesitant to share with Dale the secret he has uncovered concerning Dale's friend. Elsewhere, Ashleigh adjusts to her new role in ZBZ while getting caught up in her friends rivalry.

Supernova: Greek 2x09


1x06 | All About Appearances
Megan comes up with the idea of having Laurel use Rose and Sage in a marketing campaign in order to bring the family together. The twins are thrilled to be involved in a shoot with photographer Rocco Zaretti, but the shoot does not go smoothly. Meanwhile, Megan's new relationship with Jacob is put on the line when she begins to think he's still in love with his ex-girlfriend.

Supernova: Privileged 1x06


1x06 | The Cure
After weeks of being reported missing, a woman with a rare disease resurfaces in suburban Massachusetts and inexplicably causes excruciating pain and subsequent death to those she encounters. As the gruesome scene is investigated, dangerous levels of radiation are detected, and unusual circumstances surrounding the case point to illegal human drug trials and possibly something even more sinister. Meanwhile, Walter obsesses about cotton candy, Peter strikes a bargain with Nina Sharp and a startling piece of Olivia's past is revealed.

Supernova: Fringe 1x06


1x04 | Ladies in Red
After a weathly investment banker is found dead inside his locked safe room, the team soon learns that the man was living a double life and stealing millions from his clients. Patrick uses a mental conundrum to get the man's clients to reveal what happened to the banker.

Supernova: The Mentalist 1x04


Episode 705A

The results are given for this weeks episode, and another dancer is eliminated.

Dancing With the Stars US S07E11


10x04 | Lunacy
The investigation of a famous dead astronaut found in Battery Park has hit a dead end, causing Stabler to ask for assistance from his old mentor, Dick Finley, a former colleague of the victim and an astronaut himself.

Supernova: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 10x04


7x04 | True / Flase
The team discovers a long festering secret which sets off a deadly chain of events when they investigate the disappearance of the teenage son of a Secret Service man.

Supernova: Without a Trace 7x04

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