Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer, Kind of Wonderful

In the second season premiere, the gang heads up to the Hamptons to escape from the summer heat. There, Blair tries to make Chuck jealous by hooking up with another guy. Meanwhile, Nate finds a steamy hook-up of his own and Serena questions her relationship with Dan. Back in the Upper East Side, Dan lands a job at a library.

Gossip Girl S02E01

Never Been Marcused

Blair, excited over the fact that she is dating royalty, is unaware of Chuck’s scheming to break up her and her new love interest, Marcus. Serena and Dan agree to keep their relationship problems a secret from their friends and family until they can figure out their future. Meanwhile, Nate begins to find the downside to having an affair with an older woman.

Gossip Girl S02E02

The Dark Night

Serena and Dan must face their problems when they are trapped in an elevator together during a blackout. Meanwhile, Blair begins to question the lack of passion in her new relationship with Marcus as Chuck’s passion for women is lost on everyone but Blair. Elsewhere, Nate must choose between his feelings for Vanessa and for Catherine.

Gossip Girl S02E03

The Ex-Files

When Serena sees Dan with Amanda, the new girl in school, Blair takes it upon herself to have her circle of friends befriend Amanda and end her budding relationship with Dan. Meanwhile, Vanessa uncovers a scandalous secret about Catherine and enlists Blair’s help in using the information to help Nate; and Lily finds herself drawn to Rufus.

Gossip Girl S02E04

The Serena Also Rises

During Fashion Week, Blair learns that Eleanor, after a suggestion from Jenny, has given Serena and Poppy front row seat to the Waldorf show. Hurt, Blair decides to sabotage the show. Meanwhile, Dan begins hanging out with Chuck, but Dan learns the hard way that Chuck isn’t the best company to keep. Elsewhere, Lily finds out the dark secret that Bart has been keeping

Gossip Girl S02E05

New Haven Can Wait

When Blair and Serena get into a fight, Serena decides to get back at Blair by visiting Yale, Blair’s dream school, instead of Brown. Meanwhile, Dan learns that his letters of recommendation were never sent to Yale and scrambles to find a way to make sure is chances of getting into the Ivy League school have not been damaged. At Yale, Chuck is taken captive my members of the Skull and Bones society and Nate hooks up with a Yale co-ed.

Gossip Girl S02E06

Chuck In Real Life

Vanessa uses the picture she has of Catherine and Marcus together in order to blackmail Blair into being a better person. However, Blair gets back at Vanessa by having Chuck seduce her. Lily and Bart throw a housewarming party and expect their children to behave in front of the press, but Serena does not do so. Meanwhile, Dan and Jenny uncover a secret Nate has been keeping.

Gossip Girl S02E07

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