Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Get Happy

Veronica works on improving morale at the company and reinventing herself as someone more likable after a survey reveals that the staff is miserable. Meanwhile, Ted tries to win over an older demographic.

SNT Divx Better Off Ted S01E07

WiseVid Better Off Ted S01E07

SNT Flash Better Off Ted S01E07


Legend, Part 2

With the appearance of Mossad agent Michael Rivkin, Tony is forced to question Ziva’s loyalty to NCIS.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Special Agent Callen goes undercover to try to catch a terrorist cell while OSP psychologist Nate Getz discovers the startling truth about Gibbs and Special Agent Lara Macy’s relationship.

SNT Divx NCIS S06E23

WiseVid NCIS S06E23

SNT Flash NCIS S06E23


My Chief Concern

J.D. thinks about leaving Sacred Heart so he can be closer to Kim and his son. Meanwhile, Turk settles in his new role as chief of surgery, and Ted’s relationship with Gooch moves to a new level.

SNT Divx Scrubs S08E17

WiseVid Scrubs S08E17

SNT Flash Scrubs S08E17


My Brother’s Reaper

Since Ben and Sock burned down her lair, Nina moves in with the guys. A remorseful Morgan shows up without a place to stay, so Sam also invites him to live at the house but he turns into a horrible houseguest. Morgan not only flirts with Nina, but also puts Sam in a precarious position. Meanwhile, when Andi feels left out, so she lets Sock throw a bachelor party at the Work Bench, but things go horribly awry.

SNT Flash Reaper S02E10

WiseVid Reaper S02E10


1x22 | The Party's Over
Adrianna and Navid don't receive the reaction they expected after revealing their future plans to their friends. In a show of support Naomi, Annie and Silver throw Adrianna a bridal shower, while Dixon, Ethan and Liam surprise Navid with a bachelor party at a burlesque club. Now that that Naomi's big sister Jen has returned, the two of them decide to live together and ask their scandalous father to release Naomi's trust fund in order to support their wild spending habits. Ryan and Jen bump into each other at the Peach Pit and get wrapped up in a conversation of lies before deciding to have dinner together.

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1x19 | The Road Not Taken
First her bad dreams became reality, and now Olivia is "dreaming" while awake, seeing elaborate bleak visions of things not really there. While investigating the disturbing case of a woman who apparently spontaneously combusted, Olivia throws caution to the wind and mines her unexplained visions for clues. Meanwhile, Walter comes clean about his prior knowledge of the Z.F.T. manifesto, and Peter's secret project is revealed and yields surprising help in unraveling the mystery.

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5x05 | Sheila
Tommy becomes concerned about Katie's whereabouts after a run in with Janet's brash new boyfriend. Sheila has finally come to terms with the death of Jimmy after seeing the 9/11 tapes, as Damien decides to follow in his dad's footsteps. Also, Sean receives the results of his medical tests, and Colleen and Bart discuss the parameters of their relationship.

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7x22 | Devotion
The team searches for a missing teen who's abductor left behind an amateur tape with her appearing on it.

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8x35 | Top 4 Finalist Perform
Guest mentor Slash, (Guns 'n Roses, Velvet Revolver) help the remaining four singers with their rock songs for this week's performance.

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10x20 | Crush
A teenage girl who sent text messages containing nude pictures of herself is found beaten up. She next faces a harsh sentence from a judge after being arrested for producing and distributing child pornography.

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