Sunday, May 3, 2009

Waverly Hills, 9021-D’Oh

After Springfield Elementary is given the dubious distinction as “The Worst School in America,” the Simpsons move to Waverly Hills. As Bart adjusts to the new school, he begins a rumor that Lisa is friends with “Alaska Nebraska,” a Hanna Montana-esque pop singer. Meanwhile, Homer rents an apartment for himself and poses as a bachelor.

SNT Divx The Simpsons S20E19

WiseVid The Simpsons S20E19

SNT Flash The Simpsons S20E19

Bad News Bill

Bobby signs up for little league and sees his baseball career go through its ups and downs, while Hank and his coach have some friction between them.

SNT Divx King of the Hill S13E16

WiseVid King of the Hill S13E16

SNT Flash King of the Hill S13E16

We Love You Conrad

When Brian discovers that his ex, Jillian (guest voice Drew Barrymore) is getting married, he is devastated until he meets “The Hills” star Lauren Conrad.
Brian quickly discovers that Lauren just might be his perfect match – if only he can let Jillian go.

WiseVid Family Guy S07E14

SNT Flash Family Guy S07E14

He Made Me Look Like Alice Cooper (China)

SNT Divx The Amazing Race S14E11

WiseVid The Amazing Race S14E11

SNT Flash The Amazing Race S14E11

Identity Crisis

Goren and Eames search for a man who is struggling with his traumatic past and the mysterious death of his mother, after he killed his own brother.

SNT Divx Law and Order: Criminal Intent SO8E03

WiseVid Law and Order: Criminal Intent SO8E03

SNT Flash Law and Order: Criminal Intent SO8E03

Weiner of Our Discontent

Stan challenges Roger, after he declares himself as being sent to Earth as “the decider” of humanity’s fate.

SNT Flash American Dad S04E18

WiseVid American Dad S04E18

The Long Blue Line (1)

The team investigates the 2005 murder of a female cadet at a local military school. They soon uncover that she was abused by several male cadets and school administrators.

SNT Divx Cold Case S06E22

WiseVid Cold Case S06E22

SNT Flash Cold Case S06E22


Bree falls to a new low in order to get the best lawyer on her side. Meanwhile, Tom and Lynette discuss sex; Katherine tries to trick Mike in order to win his heart; and Jackson returns to town with a startling proposal.

SNT Divx Desperate Housewives S05E21

WiseVid Desperate Housewives S05E21

SNT Flash Desperate Housewives S05E21

3x06 | Episode 306
With the quest for a new queen underway, a German emissary to the court suggests the King consider the two unmarried sisters of Duke William of Cleves, but Henry shows an inclination to taking a French bride. A number of clerics take exception to the introduction of Henry's "Six Articles of Faith" doctrine; Henry appoints Brandon the King's representative at court on the occasion of Henry's absence.

Supernova: Flash | DivX: Part 1 | Part 2

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