Saturday, May 23, 2009

The 2009 TV Show Season is over, all our belovered favorites are on haitus till September, and these are the last episodes that keep us on the edge of our seats till the new season and for other shows unfortunately we will never see them gain.

An Invisible Thread

Nathan faces off against Sylar to keep him from meeting the President. Sylar has his own plans for his new partner. Meanwhile, Hiro learns that there are repercussions to regaining his ability. Elsewhere, Matt will do whatever it takes to protect his family.

WiseVid Heroes S03E25

SNT Flash Heroes S03E25


Chuck vs. the Ring

It’s Ellie’s big day. Chuck must save her life and her wedding from being ruined by Ted Roark and Fulcrum.

SNT DIvx Chuck S02E22

WiseVid Chuck S02E22

SNT Flash Chuck S02E22

2Shared: Chuck S02E22

Yours, Mine and Ours

As Violet chooses between Pete and Sheldon, she must also deal with a grief-stricken patient. Meanwhile, Dell worries about his daughter when Heather returns to town and Naomi debates moving to Pacific Wellcare.

SNT Divx Private Practice S02E22

WiseVid Private Practice S02E22

SNT Flash Private Practice S02E22

My Finale

J.D. is saying so-long to Sacred Heart after 8 years, but will his last day be as good as his fantasy of copping a hug from Dr. Cox or discovering the real name of the Janitor? Meanwhile, furnishings for the apartment begin showing up at J.D.’s which must mean that Elliot is ready to move on to the next level of their relationship.

SNT Divx Scrubs S08E18

WiseVid Scrubs S08E18

SNT Flash Scrubs S08E18


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