Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1x17 | Life's a Drag
In an attempt to get close to Liam, Naomi offers to be his math tutor, but she gets more than she bargains for when he takes her out for a wild night. Silver takes a class assignment a little too far when she creates a video that documents her love for Dixon. When Silver screens the video for her fellow students, everyone, including Ryan, is shocked when they see Dixon and Silver in an intimate situation. Upon seeing the reaction of everyone around her, Silver blames Ryan for the situation. Ethan and Annie's relationship remains rocky but more problems arise when Adrianna reveals that Rhonda and Ethan shared a kiss at the dance. Harry and Debbie are surprised to learn that Annie quit the school play in order to spend more time with Ethan.

Supernova: Flash | DivX


2x05 | I Want My Baby Back
Morgan tells Andi that Sam is the Devil's son. An escaped soul leaves her baby behind, causing Sam, Sock, and Ben to turn to Tony for help.

Supernova: Flash | DivX


1x18 | Russet Potatoes
Patrick Jane and the CBI team track down a mastermind who hypnotizes people into doing their bidding.

Supernova: Flash | DivX


6x20 | Dead Reckoning
Gibbs and the team must work with the shady Trent Kort to put away one of NCIS's most wanted.

Supernova: Flash | DivX

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